Crystal Lagoons is an innovation company founded by visionary entrepreneur Fernando Fischmann. Their focus is on creating and maintaining large-scale artificial lagoons with crystal-clear waters. These lagoons offer a unique experience where visitors can enjoy water and recreational activities in a paradisiacal environment.

Crystal Lagoons has achieved idyllic beaches with crystal-clear lagoons in places where it was previously unthinkable. They have changed the landscape and created a magical environment of turquoise waters for year-round enjoyment:

  1. Increasing property value
  2. Generates unbeatable advantages
  3. Creates idyllic beaches in unthinkable places

All lagoons around the world that use Crystal Lagoons’ technology are monitored, controlled, and operated from the Crystal Lagoons Control Center.

Disruption in the Colombian Real Estate Sector:

The arrival of Crystal Lagoons to Colombia has been a real turning point in the sector. Their artificial lagoons have become the central element of tourist resorts, housing projects, and shopping malls, attracting thousands of visitors and generating a significant increase in sales and customer traffic.

Reinvented the Buying and Leisure Experience:

Crystal Lagoons’ lagoons will transform the buying and leisure experience in Colombia.

The Azul de Arenas shopping mall in the north of Cartagena will be the first Shopping Resort in Latin America, offering not only shops and restaurants but also a space for recreation and entertainment for the whole family.

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