According to El Tiempo´s report: how the real estate market in the Caribbean is evolving. AED has brought housing projects to the Caribbean market whose designs make their urbanisms stand out in a special manner.

Juan Pablo García, CEO of the company, talks about their most relevant projects and the success of Baia Kristal in Cartagena, leading non-VIS (social housing) sales nationwide for 2 years.

What is the technology of Crystal Lagoons®?

It’s a patented Chilean technology in 190 countries that allows for the construction of large crystal-clear lagoons, using processes that make water usage more efficient.

What was the first project launched by AED with this technology?

Baia Kristal in the north of Cartagena was the first in Colombia with Crystal Lagoon®. This project has 1,500 units and has been number one in national sales since its launch in 2020. It maintained this position for 27 months.

What about the Azul de Arenas project?

Azul de Arenas is our most recent project in collaboration with Arquitectura y Concreto, Urbanum, and Renta Urbana. This project consists of seven residential lots for over 11,000 residential units.

The project started a few months ago with the Kristal Blu housing project, with nearly 1,200 residential units, which was very well received by buyers who missed out on acquiring a property in Baia Kristal.

Azul de Arenas will feature Latin America’s first Shopping Resort, developed by Grupo Éxito through Viva. This commercial complex will offer entertainment, fun, sports, culture, and gastronomy.

What about Social Housing Projects (VIS)?

At AED, we are involved in the construction of VIS (Social Housing) with the Alegra Parque Residencial project in Cartagena, where we are implementing our concept of iconic urban developments.

If you’d like to receive more information about our projects, please get in touch with us here.

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